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A Saporiti Italia SpA
Via Marconi 23
21010 Besnate, Italy
T +39 0331 273333
F +39 0331 273320
E info@saporiti.com

A Hub, in the computer terminology, is “a central point in a network”. A Hub, in the airport terminology, is “a place of convergence where planes, passengers, goods, arrive from one or more directions and are forwarded out in one or more other directions”.

The Saporiti Hub, located a few minutes from Milan Malpensa airport and designed by Marti Guixe, is the Saporiti Italia factory and research center. A place where designers, researchers, customers and suppliers work with the Saporiti people to re-elaborate their ideas and projects.

At the same time, the Hub is the nevralgic center, supporting with technical and marketing information the international bases of the Saporiti International Network of contracting bases and showrooms.