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Born in Varese, Italy, in 1968.
He graduated in architecture and interior design at the Politecnico University in Milan.
After a career in some important architectural offices in Milan and Copenhagen, he entered
into the Saporiti Italia organization as product designer for the Saporiti Casa collection and
interior designer for the Saporiti Contract division. During his activity as senior interior designer for the Saporiti Contract division, he created some of the masterpieces of the Saporiti Italia contract realizations, including the Al Aryam Resort in Abu Dhabi, the Phillimores Residences in London, The BEA Systems headquarters in San Francisco, the Harbour Green Club House in Hong Kong and many others. In all his works, Andrea Saporiti combines simplicity and style and always develops new materials and design solutions, to create a specific and unique atmosphere for every new project and client.
Some of his researches in the field of composite materials and new finishing, guided Saporiti Italia to develop some very innovative materials, such as the optical-fibers integrated lacquers, the digitally printed high-gloss lacquers and the composite metal and wood panels. After many years of experience in the design and contracting organization of the group, he took the role of Saporiti Italia Design Director and of Chief Executive Officer of Quadra Srl, a company of the Saporiti Group, specialized in advanced interior design and research & technology services.
He lives in a nice villa on the hills of the Varese lake, where he can enjoy his favourites sports, skiing and marathon running.